To create a mailing label within the ConfirmDelivery website, just follow these steps:

Once logged into the website, hover over the EZAddress menu option, then Address Mail, and then select the type of mail that you want to create

Please Note:

  • does not ship to any International Address
  • will ship to military addresses, but signatures cannot be requested.
  • The address must have a contact in either Recipient Name or Company Name field. 

On the right side of the page, fill in the respective fields with the recipient address

Once the Recipient Address has been entered, a Mail Class must be selected from the drop down menu.

  • Mail pieces under 16oz. should be sent First Class
  • Mail pieces over 16oz. should be sent Priority Mail.
  • The above rules apply regardless if sending Confirmation or Certified Mail

Once the Mail Class is selected, then the Special Services will need to be selected:

Special Services for Certified Mail
Certified Mail
A Certified Mail piece can be sent without any Special Services selected - the mail piece would receive tracking events and delivery only scan, but no signature scan.
Return Receipt Electronic (ERR)
A mail piece that is mailed out that would receive tracking events and would require a signature upon delivery.
Restricted Delivery
A mail piece that is mailed to a specific individual that would receive tracking events but ONLY the recipient on the piece can sign for it.

*When selecting Restricted Delivery, you must also select Return Receipt Electronic to receive the signature. Selecting Restricted Delivery alone does not automatically provide this extra service.

Special Services for Confirmation Mail
Delivery Confirmation
A mail piece that is mailed out that would receive tracking events, but does not require a signature - only a delivery scan upon delivery.
Signature Confirmation
A mail piece that is mailed out that would receive tracking events, and would receive a signature scan upon delivery.

If a sender needs to include a Record Case Number, Account Number, or Reference Number, they have the otpion of where they would like to have this appear on their mailing label. 

  • Left - Prints right above the receipent address
  • Not Visible - No print on the label, but is still searchable in the system
  • Right - Prints to the far right - if on a Certified Mail piece, it would not be viewable through the envelope address window.
  • Under Return Address - prints directly under the Return Address

If a sender would like to include a Notice to their label, you have the option to select one from the drop down menu, under Notices. This would print in RED on the right hand side of the Recipient Address.

Options that are available on the website are:

  • Address Service Requested
  • Confidential
  • Dated Material
  • Final Notice
  • Insurance Claim
  • Important
  • Photographs
  • Time Sensitive
  • Title Documents
  • Urgent
  • Xrays
  • Return Service Requested

If the sender needs to include a Record Case Number, Account Number, or Reference Number, you can enter it in the field Record/Case #

If the sender would like to enter a Personal Memo, you can enter it in the Personal Memo field. This field does not print on any label - it just appears in the ConfirmDelivery system for reference. This field is strictly for the sender to enter Internal notes regarding the mail piece.

After all selections have been made, the sender now has the option to have their address Standardized (verified and corrected if possible against USPS's database) and to have this address added to their Address Book, so they can use the Quick Address Drop Down for quick addressing mail for future mailings. 

Once all options are complete, click the Submit button.

Once the sender clicks on Submit, the next page will give you the option to view the information that was entered, if Standardization changed any of the receipent information, and allow you to go back and re-edit the label prior to generation. If the information is correct, you will select Submit again to create the mail piece label.

A PDF of the label will be generated and should open automatically for you to print or save the label to your computer. 

Sample Certified Label

Sample Confirmation Label