When you have finished your mailing for the day, you have the ability to create a Firmbook to take to your local post office for Proof of Mailing. The Firmbook will list all mail pieces that were created that day, along with the Receipent Address, Tracking number, Postage Fees, and all Special Service Fees. 

While a Firmbook is not required to submit mail to the post office, it is recommended to generate a firmbook when submitting more than 3 pieces to the post office.

Once you are logged into the ConfirmDelivery website:

Hover over EZAddress and choose the option Firmbook from the dropdown menu.

You may use the drop down that appears to select how many past days of mail do you want to generate on the Firmbook - most mailers perform this daily, so they will select '1' in the dropdown. The system will automatically put a checkmark next to pieces that have already been placed on a generated Firmbook.

Select 'Create Firmbook' and a new window will open with a PDF copy of the Firmbook for you to print out or save to your computer.