In order to keep your equipment as secure as possible, EII recommends staying up to date on all Microsoft security patches. The following instructions show you how to install the patches.



1. Click on the link of the installer that corresponds to your operating system in the table above.

2. Select "Open with Windows Update Standaline Installer (default)" in the popup and hit "OK."
2. After it downloads, a progress bar will appear.
3. A dialogue box will open. Verify that the version listed at the bottom matches your operating system.
  • If the version does not match your operating system as shown in the table in the Prerequisites section, hit "No" and contact EII support.
  • If the version does match, hit "Yes".
4.Once you hit yes, the security update will process. This may take up to 20 minutes to complete.
5. Once the installer is finished, it will request to restart the PC. Hit "Restart Now" to complete the update.
6. Once the PC has returned to its desktop, it is available to be run again.