• Agilis Server Computer, monitor, and keyboard
  • Windows 7 x64 Deployment
  • Systems Release
  • TeamViewer 7

Deploying Server

Following these steps will set up the Server computer of you Agilis machine. This computer runs all the behind the scenes programs and functions. 

1. Insert the deployment disk into the DVD drive of the server computer.

2. Restart the server, and hit the F12 key to pick boot option.

3. Select "CD/DVD/CD-RW Drive" and hit any key to start the download.

4. In the "Password" field, enter the phrase "deletedata" and hit "OK."

5. On the next page, ensure that "OptiPlex 7010 x64" is highlighted in the "Select Deployment Image" box.

6. Select the "Reboot after deployment?" box under "Select Deployment Options."

7. Hit "Deploy."

8. This will pop up a dialogue box warning you all data on your computer will be lost. Hit "Yes."

9. Restart Windows to finish the install.

Note: If you are using Windows 10, you must set the time and date of your machine now, before installing Agilis. If you are using Windows 7, you can set the date and time at any point. 

10. Remove the deployment from the disk drive and insert the systems release disk.

11. Click the "Pre-Installer" link.

12. Hit "Next."
13. Select the "Server" option.

14. Hit "Next."
15. Type the serial number of your machine into the box labeled "Machine ID."

16. Hit "Next."
17. Hit "Install."

18. The installation will begin, and usually take around 20 minutes to complete.
19. Hit "Finish", and the computer will reboot.
20. Navigate to the D: Drive in File Explorer

21. Double click on "Autorun.exe" to run the application.

22. Click "Agilis System Setup."

23. Hit "Next."

24. Ensure the serial number is correct.

25. Hit "Next."

26. Select the "Agilis Server" option from the drop down menu.

27. Hit "Next."

28. Hit "Install."

29. The installation will begin, and should take around 5 minutes to complete.

30. Hit "Finish" and the computer will reboot.


Note: In order to facilitate support from EII, you will need to install Runbeck's version of the TeamViewer software.

The server computer is now set up.