Label Lists are rolled out monthly. The importation of the label lists is normally performed automatically by EII Software, but if the label list needs to be manually imported, these instructions explain the process, including checking sort profiles after importation to see if the changes have made any sort profiles invalid.

Note: A label list only needs to be imported on one machine per physical site.

Importing the List

1. Obtain the newest version of the CLL EII Labeling List executable, and place it on an EII machine's desktop.

2. Double-click on the executable to run it.
3. Hit "Next" to begin setup.
4. Hit the "Install" button to begin the installation process.
5. Wait for the download process to complete. This may take a few minutes.
6.Hit the "Finish" button.

Checking Sort Profiles

1. Double-click on the Console icon to open the console.
2. Select the "Sort Profile Checker" option on the left hand menu.
3. Hit the "Check" button.

4. Wait for the check process to complete.
5. All sort profile errors, where a bin was assigned to a now-invalid location, will be displayed in red on the right. Those bin locations will need to be edited before that sort profile can be utilized.

Once there are no errors in the sort profile checker, the new label list will be usable for running mail.