Information for many postal topics can be found in the following links.  Attached is also a directory for additional postal links.

Full Service Webinar:

USPS National Customer Support Center:

Service Bureaus that are MASS certified. (This is not definitive because there is a box that you can choose not to have your company name published here):

Mailers that are MASS certified:

Manufacturers that are CASS certified:

All certified regarding MASS/CASS:

Quick Step Guide to MID and/or CRID Acquisition

Association for Postal Commerce

Intelligent Mail Education


Intelligent Mail Services 

CRIDs, MIDs, and Other Useful Terms


Glossary of Postal Terms and Abbreviations in the DMM


lnduction - The Innovative Paperless Way to Induct Your Mail 

The current USPS rates can also be found by entering Notice 123 in a search engine and opening the current listing (will correspond with the most recent rate case update)