Sometimes after a patch install, the OCR Arbitrator will fail to initiate. If this happens, the following steps show how to fix the part's connection.


1. The first sign that something may have failed to update will be the lack of icons in the "Argosy View" and "Display Argosy Dongle" bars of the Harbor.

2. Load the Helm by double-clicking on the "EZ Helm Production" bar of the Harbor.

3. Choose "Standard Processing" as the job profile, and hit the "Start Job Session" button.

4. If the component is not connecting, the message "No Connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it" followed by the local host IP address.

5. Close the Helm. The screen will return to the Harbor.

6.  Double-click the "Mass Test Reports" bar of the Harbor and enter the password "firstclass".

7. Navigate to the Data Drive, to the KACE folder, and to the patch folder.

8. Run the "EII Patch.exe".

9. Select the "Do not close the applications" option.

10. Hit "Next".

11. Hit "Install".

12. When the application has restarted, icons should have returned to the Harbor view.

Note: If the icons have still not appeared in this view, contact EII customer support at (765) 250-4100 or