Before parcels that utilize the Endicia service can be processed, a compatible Endicia account must first be incorporated in the EII Console.

1)  Open the EII Console.

2)  Open the Site Profile Editor in the "Editors" list on the left.

3)  You will see a section labeled "Endicia Account Information (PC Postage)".

4)  Deselect the "Generate TEST Labels" box.

  • Once this field is no longer selected, it will be gray rather than blue.

5)  Enter the Account Number (from the Endicia confirmation email) and Passphrase (from the account setup).

6)  Click "Authenticate".

  • You will be prompted to change the Passphrase to a permanent Passphrase.
  • Once the new Passphrase has been entered and saved, the "Passphrase" box will read "Saved".

7)  In the bottom right corner of the page, select "Save Changes".

The Endicia account is now linked with the EII Console and parcel classes that process through Endicia may be processed on the Champ.