Step-by-step guide

Replacing a power supply unit is a simple action. If the server has 2 power supplies configured in redundant mode, which is the default setting, you can remove one of them without shutting down the server. The remaining power supply will continue to provide the power to the server. 

In general, all components with an amber removal tool can be unplugged while the server is powered on.

The system requires one power supply for normal operation. On power-redundant systems, remove and replace only one power supply at a time in a system that is powered on.

  1. Disconnect the power cable from the power source and from the power supply unit you intend to remove. Remove any cabling or items surrounding the power supply unit.
  2. Press the release latch and slide the power supply unit out of the chassis. 
  3. To insert the new power supply, just insert the block in the slot. This operation can be done while the server is powered on.


  1. release latch
  2. power supply unit cable connector
  3. power supply unit
  4. connector
  5. power supply unit handle