Opening or removing the system cover when the system is on may expose you to a risk of electric shock. Exercise utmost care while removing or installing cooling fans.

The procedure for removing each fan is identical.

  1. Turn off the system and disconnect the system from its electrical outlet. 
  2. Open the top cover of the system - if necessary, slide server unit out via it's rails to access the top cover. 
  3. Remove the cooling shroud as applicable by lifting it straight up as pictured. There are no locks or clasps in place.
  4. Disconnect the fan's power cable from the power cable connector on the system board. If installing a new fan, verify the fan cable is on the left of the fan (if facing the front of the system).
  5. Lift the fan out of the cooling-fan bracket.
  6. cooling fan
  7. power cable connector
  8. cooling-fan bracket