This article will provide basic steps that can be followed to improve your throughput on the EZ-Flats machine.

Measures that can be taken to maximize throughput:

1.)  Ensure that the scale stand is not touching any part of the rest of the machine, as it should be free-standing. If the stand is touching the machine, the vibration will increase the time taken by the scale to reach a stable weight, thereby increasing the time taken to process each piece.

2.)  Fans, compressors, and other equipment that can cause disturbances in the air need to be kept at a respectable distance from the scale.

3.)  Verify that the scale and scale stand are level and not teetering.

4.)   Add weight to the inside of the scale stand to improve the stability of the scale stand.

5.)   Verify that fans, heaters, or anything that creates air movement are pointed away from the scale. Additional air movement across the scale increases settling time and can slow input.

6.)  It is advised that operators do not watch the computer monitor for the piece they just processed to appear before placing the next piece on the scale. As there is a refresh delay in the software, this is not an ideal way of processing. Operators should be watching the LED lights on the light board above the scale to determine when to move pieces across the scale.

If the above steps are followed, throughput levels above 1200 per hour can be reached, peaking at around 2000 pieces per hour. If the above steps are followed yet throughput above 1200 pieces per hour is still not being reached, please feel free to contact an EII Customer Support Technician for further troubleshooting.