Warning: This is an ESD sensitive process. A grounding strap MUST be worn for this process, due to the handling of circuitry. For more information, click here.

The engineers’ intent for lamp board replacement is to replace the board from the top.  The assembly should not be removed from the bottom because the holes in the woodwill strip out.


The lamp board is Lamp 200, part number 1005523-02.

The cover is called LED Board Cover, part number 1005571-01.


It is a little difficult to get the cover out on some of the desks.  You can use a piece of tape or a small tool to lift up the cover from the screw hole.  The board should not be pried from the edge because it damages the top.


 Board replacement instructions:

Turn the desk off

Remove the 4 screws from the LED Board Cover

Lift the LED Board Cover out

Remove the 4 screws from the Lamp Board

Push the Lamp Board out from the bottom of the desk

Disconnect the CAT5 cable from the board

Replace the Lamp Board

Insert screws for the Lamp Board

Replace the LED Board Cover

Insert screws for the LED Board Cover

Connect the CAT5 cable to the new board

Turn on power to the desk