There are two available options for placing a Parascript click order:

  • Buy directly from the SupplyManager tool in the Console
    • This is the preferred method
    • Clicks will automatically be available on the machine once the order is placed
    • Clicks can be added to a machine outside normal office hours
    • An account will need to be set up by EII Support before this option will be available on the machine
    • Instructions for ordering clicks using this method can be found here.
  • Send an email to or call (765) 250-4100
    • Clicks will manually be added by a Support representative during office hours

Two forms of payment:

  • Standard Net 15 terms
  • Credit card purchase

Order specifications:

  • Click charge is $0.021
  • Minimum order of 20,000 clicks
    • No exceptions
  • $30.00 administrative fee is applied to any orders under 60,000 clicks 
  • 10,000 promotional clicks are installed on all EZ-Flats machines when they are originally shipped
    • There is no charge for these clicks