The DAT-MAIL application modifies the dat.mail file created in the EII Console, and preps it for upload to PostalOne!. In order to insure the documentation is accurate, DAM-MAIL must have the most current label list uploaded. The following steps demonstrate how to check which label list is installed, and how to upload a newer one if necessary. 

1. Open the PC that is running the Dat-Mail application, which is generally a site server.

2. Double click the "Dat-Mail" Icon to launch Dat-Mail.

3. On the Task Pane along the top of the window, click "Help" and select "About Dat Mail" in the drop-down menu.

4. A Window will appear titled "About DAT-MAIL". Hit the "MORE About..." button.

5. A window will appear displaying current DAT-Mail Information, including the current label list information.

  • If the label list information is up to date (within two months of the current date), close out of each window.

  • If the label list information is NOT up to date, proceed to the next step.

6. Open an internet browser and navigate to "".

7. Beneath "Current Product Versions", select "Destination Database Update". This will open a Window prompting a Destination Data Utility Download.

8. Hit the "Download Destination Data" button. This will download an executable file onto the computer.

9. Open the "Downloads" Folder on the PC. A file titled "DestUpdate" should be present.

10. Right-click the "DestUpdate" file, and select "Copy".

11. Navigate to the PC running DAT-Mail noted in Step 1. Right-click on the desktop of the PC and select "Paste".

12. Click the DestUpdate Icon to run the installer.

13. A Window titled "Warning!" will appear. Hit "OK". A window titled "Installing" will appear, noting the status of the Label List install.

14. When the update is complete, a window titled "Update Complete" will appear. Hit "Finish" to exit out of the installer.

15. Repeat Steps 1-5 to validate the Label List was installed correctly.