1)  Open ConfirmDelivery for Windows

2)  Select the Settings tab

3)  Open the External Data Connection Wizard

4)  In Select the purpose for the data source, select Address Book

5)  Click Next
6)  Select the type of file that will be used
  • Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet and Comma Delimited File have been found to work best with the interface
  • Use Comma Delimited File for csv files

7)  Click Next

8)  Select the “ … ” box and select the file that will be used

9)  Click Next

10)  Select the table that contains the pertinent addresses
  • The name that will appear in this field must correspond with the tab being used in the Excel sheet
  • If more than one tab exists, this procedure will need to be repeated for each tab

11)  In the Map Required Table Fields section, select the columns from the file that will correspond to each field
  • For example, in the field next to Recipient Name, you will select the column in the file that lists the name of the person to whom the item is being sent

12)  Click Next

13)  Enter the corresponding information for any fields in the Map Optional Table Fields section that apply to the file being imported
  • No fields in the Map Optional Table Fields section are required fields and, therefore, some fields may be left showing “(None)”

14)  Click Next

15)  The window will show that the file has been imported successfully
  • Select Finish to complete the importing process
16)  Click Yes when a window appears asking to save the changes that were made

17)  To create labels using these imported addresses, select Start New Mailing under the Home tab

18)  Mail Type, Mail Class, Services, and Package Information will be entered normally

19)  Rather than entering recipient information manually, select the “…” button to the right of the Recipient Name field

20)  To select all addresses that were imported, click Select All at the bottom of the window
  • If not all addresses will be used, highlight only the necessary addresses

21)  Press the Select button

22)  The Recipient Name field will show the number of addresses that have been selected for creation

23)  Enter information into the Additional Information and Recipient Email Information sections if applicable and specify whether the address will be standardized in the Address Options section

24)  Once all information has been entered, the type of label that will be generated in the toolbar at the top of the screen
25)  In the final stages of processing, a window will appear from which it can be determined if a Firmbook will be generated
  • This document will be stamped when the mailing is submitted to the local post office and will serve as your proof of mailing
  • It is recommended that the Firmbook be generated if 3 pieces or more are being created

26)  Once processing of the file is complete, the labels will appear in PDF format and the pages may be saved to the computer or printed on 8 ½” x 11” paper stock

  • If Generate 4x5 Label was selected for Confirmtion pieces, they can be printed on a label printer at this time