If the tracking number needs to be entered into the address file when processing a batch mailing, the following procedure will need to be completed prior to piece creation.

1)  Create a column that will assign a value to each address row in the column.

  • Values in this column must be unique to each row.
    • For example, a column can be made titled "Parcel" and the rows can read 1, 2, 3...

  • If the tracking numbers are to be saved to an Excel sheet separate from the addresses, place an additional column on a separate tab, as well as the tab containing the addresses.

2)  Within the Excel file, create a column labeled "PIC".
  • Only one PIC column will be created within the file
    • This column will need to be placed on the Excel tab to which the tracking numbers must appear.

3)  Save the revisions made to the file

4)  Open ConfirmDelivery for Windows.

5)  Select the Settings tab.

6) Select External Data Connection Wizard.

7)  Map the address fields as would normally be done.
  • Be sure to map the Primary Key ID field to the parcel column during step 5 (Map Optional Fields - Address Book).

8)  Upon completion of the wizard, open the External Data Connection Wizard a second time.

9)  When Select the purpose for the data source appears, select Tracking.

10) Click Next.

11)  Select the type of file that will be used.

12) Click Next.

13)  Select the "..." box to browse to the file.

14) Click Next.

15)  In their corresponding fields, specify the Table Name, Primary Key ID, and PIC columns that will be used.
  • Table Name is the tab being used in the Excel file.
  • Primary Key ID is the column that was created in step 1 of this procedure.
  • PIC is the column that was created in step 2 of this procedure.

16)  Click Next.

17)  If the fields have been mapped successfully, the wizard will show this in the final step of the External Data Connection Wizard.

18) Click Finish.

19)  When asked Do you want to save your settings?, click Yes.

20) Under the Home tab, select Start New Mailing and generate labels normally.
  • Once the labels have generated, the tracking numbers will automatically be mapped to the PIC column in the Excel file.