The API is a WCF web service that hosts basic functionality for operations of the program.  Through this service, you can generate tracking numbers, submit mail pieces to be tracked, standardize addresses, and manage account information.

API location

The API is located at:

API Documentation

Documentation for the API is located at:

The following is the best starting point when navigating the documentation:

Code Samples

A sample project exists that consumes most, if not all, functionality provided by the API.  This code can be provided per request.  Optionally, code samples can be provided on a per request basis.

Basic Integration

Establish an API Connection

The first step toward integration with the API is to establish a basic connection.  Since there are multiple ways in which this can be done, the most feasible option will be determined and implemented by the customer.  The basic components needed to do this will be the API URL provided in this document and an account that has been granted access to the API.  For account creation and access, contact