Note: Before beginning authentication, it is important that both the EII Console and EII Helm have been closed on all site machines. 

This document will demonstrate how to authenticate a Production PB PC Postage account. 

There are two types of accounts related to PB PC Postage. 

  • The first type of account is a test account, which allows the user to generate Test Labels. 
  • The second type of account is used for production, which allows general mail processing and billing purposes.

These two accounts are separate, so the correct account information (Email Address, Password) must be used during the authentication process for a successful authentication. 


1. Open the Console, and select "Site Profile Editor".

2. In the bottom-right corner, there is a box titled "PC Postage Account Information":

  • If you are licensed to run PB PC Postage, there will be a tab titled "Pitney Bowes".
  • If you are not licensed, the lower-right corner may be blank, or there will be only an Endicia tab.

If you are not licensed to run PB PC Postage, please contact EII Support to receive the necessary licensing.

3. Enter the PB PC Postage account information into the corresponding email address and password text boxes.

4. De-select the "Generate Test Labels" button at the lower-right corner of the "PC Postage Account Information" box.

This will change the button from blue to grey.

5. Hit the "Authenticate" button below the "Email Address" text box.

A pop-up will appear, asking the user if they want to save the authentication information.

6. Hit "Yes".

7. Wait while the Console reaches out to validate the information.

Once the EII Console has validated the production email and password, a window will appear stating the site will not be able to run test mail to generate test labels.

8. Hit "OK".

9. Exit out of the 'Site Profile Editor' using the smaller "x" on the top-right of the Console (boxed in red in the image).

10. Re-open the "Site Profile Editor".

11. Check that the email address is still listed in the "PC Postage Account Information" and that the password is listed as "Saved".

12. Select the "Job Profile Editor" from the menu on the left of the console.

13. Select the job profile that the PC Postage will be used on, and scroll down to the "Labeler" job option.

14. In the section titled "Printer Language", use the drop down box to select "ZPL".

15. Select the "Save Changes" button on the lower right of the Console.

16. Complete Steps 13-15 for each job profile that will utilize PC Postage.