In the majority of cases, troubleshooting a LightSort rack should begin by isolating the components causing the error. A lot of problems originate with the light boards, so the isolating process narrows the error down to the rack, row, and board interfering with normal operation. If you are seeing one of the three errors below, starting with error isolating will save you valuable time.


Begin by checking all the grounding ("Terra") boards. If these boards are damaged or disconnected, they will interrupt the signal being sent to the light boards. If the board is damaged, it will need to be replaced. If the Ethernet cords are no longer connected to the grounding boards, reconnect them.

"Terra" Grounding Board

Grounding Board Installed in a Rack

If the error continues, the next step is to narrow the problem down to a specific rack:

  1. Power down the controller.
  2. Disconnect all racks from the primary rack.
    • Note: If your system includes a printer, power down using the barrel connector to the controller or turn the printer off while troubleshooting to avoid feeding blank labels.

  3. Power up the controller, and let the auto ID process happen.

If the error disappears, the error must be caused by something on a different rack. One rack at a time, repeat the previous steps with each auxiliary rack, until the error returns. The last rack tested when the error reappears most likely contains the error. Once the rack causing the error has been identified, the next step is to identify which row of light boards contains the issue.

Note: If the error does not reappear while all auxiliary racks are connected, try running the Auto ID process five times. If the error is not duplicated after five Auto IDs, the problem can be considered resolved.

Investigate that rack further by:
  1. Powering down the controller.
  2. Reconnecting the rack identified to have the error.
  3. Disconnecting the lowest light rail, following the connection pattern to the right.
  4. Powering up the controller.