Light boards are mounted inside the rails of a LightSort rack. Each light board has a Cat 5 cable connected to each end and is held in place by two plastic clips (see image to the right). A new light board should include new plastic clips. There are two types of light boards; single-color, which have red LEDs, and dual-color, which have red and blue LEDs. 

The major difference between a single-color light board and a dual-color one is that dual-color light boards have no "IN" or "OUT" end. As long as the LEDs face downwards when installed, it does not matter which side is attached to each wire. Therefor, in the following instructions, step 8 can be ignored for installing dual-color light boards. 

Warning: This is an ESD sensitive process. A grounding strap MUST be worn for this process, due to the handling of circuitry. For more information, click here.

Replacing A Light Board

1. Power down the LightSort rack to which the light board is connected.

2. Slide the blade of a flathead screwdriver between the rail and the plastic clip.
3. Rotate the screwdriver (or pry) to pull one clip loose from the rail.

4. Repeat for the other clip.

5. If the light board isn't free of the rail at this point, pull it free by hand.

Note: Be careful not to twist or bend the light board, this will damage it.