Sometimes a LightSort controller's loading counter will increment beyond 60 during power up, as shown above. This goes well beyond the typical count of 15-20, and indicates a problem that needs to be resolved. The likely potential causes are the following:

  • A problem with the controller.
  • A problem with the rack ID board.
  • A light board being installed backwards.


Because there are multiple potential causes, the problem must first be isolated. Rule out the controller with these steps:

  1. Power down the controller.
    • Note: if your system includes an optional printer, power down using the barrel connector to the controller or turn the printer off while troubleshooting to avoid feeding blank labels.
  2. Disconnect the controller from the rack ID board and grounding board.
  3. Power up the controller.

If the loading continues to increment beyond 60, the problem lies within the controller. Please contact Customer Support.

If the controller initializes and reaches the screen shown above, the problem lies with either the rack ID board or a light board. Check the rack ID board with the following steps:

  1. Power down the controller. 
  2. Reconnect the controller and the rack ID board.
  3. Disconnect the rack ID board from the first light board. This is best done at the first light board.
  4. Power up the controller.

If the loading continues to increment beyond 60 with ONLY the rack ID board connected, the problem lies within the rack ID board. Please contact customer support.

If the controller initializes properly, the problem lies within a light board. At this point, refer to the instructions in the "Isolating Errors" article for how to isolate light boards.