A LightSort rack's Rack ID Board is mounted in the top of the left frame. The Rack ID Board is part of an assembly that fits snugly into the frame. If a Rack ID Board is ever determined to be faulty, use the following process to replace it.

Rack ID board Assembly

Rack ID board Assembly Location on a rack


Warning: This is an ESD sensitive process. A grounding strap MUST be worn for this process, due to the handling of circuitry. For more information, click here.

1. Power down the rack to which the rack ID board is connected.
2. Disconnect any Cat 5 cable connected to the top of the rack ID board (i.e. the controller as shown to the right).

3. Using a flathead screwdriver, carefully pry the rack ID board assembly loose from the frame.
4. Carefully remove the rack ID board assembly from the frame and disconnect the Cat 5 cable attached to the bottom.

5. Remove the new rack ID board assembly from its ESD protection bag and plug the Cat 5 cable into the bottom (OUT connector).

6. Slide the new rack ID board assembly into the frame, with the exposed side of the board facing the rear of the rack.

Note: Though the fit will be tight, be careful that any resistance experienced is not caused by interference or cable strain.

7. Reconnect any Cat 5 cable removed from the top of the rack ID board. If there was none because the Rack ID Board is installed on an auxiliary rack, connect the current rack to an available primary rack.

8. Power up the primary rack that the new rack ID board is connected to.
9. Scan the Rack ID Board barcode when prompted to by the controller.

Refer to the "Updating a Rack ID Board" article for more information on updating a Rack ID Board.