Every LightSort rack contains a rack ID board. New Rack ID boards ship with a placeholder ID that must be updated when put into service. Upon startup, a controller checks the Rack ID boards of all connected racks for placeholder IDs. If the message "Rack ID Needed Scan Rack ID" is displayed on the controller, one of the connected racks needs its Rack ID updated. 

The rack requiring a rack ID update will have its first pocket illuminated. Rack IDs are updated by scanning the rack ID tag located on the left side of the rack (see image) when prompted. 

Rack IDs should only need to be updated when a new rack is put into service or if a rack ID board is replaced. However, if a rack ID needs to be reset for some reason, scan the barcode below, and then complete the following procedure.


1. If the primary rack (the rack with a controller) is on, power it down.

2. Disconnect the cable connecting to the Rack ID of any auxiliary racks.