The table below categorizes errors that might be displayed on the controller that have to do with issues in the Sort Profile. Each error is presented with an example of the controller's display and an explanation, with some troubleshooting suggestions.

Need SPF
This error will appear when there is no sort profile loaded onto the controller.

Transfer a valid sort profile to the controller.
Select SPF
This error appears when an operator attempts to start a mail sorting session without selecting a sort profile. A sort profile must be selected before starting a mail sorting session.

If this error appears after the operator has selected a sort profile, try viewing that sort profile in a text viewer such as Notepad. Sometimes, when an Excel file is exported to .csv format, it will contain blank columns. Those blank columns may appear as extra commas at the end of a .csv file. Delete all extra commas, save the file, and transfer the corrected file to the controller.
SP Bad :No Rejects
This error appears if the sort profile loaded onto the controller via USB drive does not include a zip code value of "reject".

A new sort profile that includes the "reject" value must be loaded onto the controller.
SP Bad: >X pkts
This error appears when the selected sort profile requires more pockets than were identified during the auto ID sequence.

This often occurs after changing rack configurations (i.e. 3 racks to 1 rack), or when the selected sort profile is intended for a larger number of pockets than are connected. Changing to a sort profile
that utilizes the number of pockets available in the current configuration should resolve the issue.

If there should already be enough pockets connected to meet the number shown in the error message, there may be a connection error. Refer to the "Isolating Errors" article to troubleshoot a connection error.
SP Not Found
This error appears if no sort profiles were found on the controller.

A Sort Profile must be loaded onto the controller to begin processing.