The table below categorizes errors that might be displayed on the controller when an error is encountered after attempting a file transfer. Each error is presented with an example of the controller's display and an explanation, with some troubleshooting suggestions.

Drive Connected Session Running
This error is displayed if a USB drive is inserted during an active mail processing session. The system will attempt to eject the drive. Remove the drive, end the session, and try again.
Label List Bad XLSX File
This error signifies an issue with the Label List file. If this file was provided by your organization, check this file for proper format. If EII provided this file, please call Customer Support.
No LSConfig
This error signifies that the system could not locate any config files.
No Rack ID Match in LSConfig
This error signifies that the system found config files, but none of them contained a rack ID that matches the current rack.
USB Drive Error Transfer Failed
The controller failed to properly eject the USB drive. Windows may ask to 'fix' the drive when connecting to a PC. This message can be ignored.
Remove drive now USB Eject failed
This error signifies a potential issue with the USB drive. If you use this drive for multiple controllers, check to see if the error occurs with another controller. If the error persists, replace the drive.
If the error is specific to one controller, please call Customer Support.