The table below categorizes errors that might be displayed on the controller that might appear during a mail sorting session. Each error is presented with an example of the controller's display and an explanation, with some troubleshooting suggestions.

This error indicates that a barcode scanned during an active session is not a valid IMpb or LightSort command. The number after the word "Invalid" indicates which ring scanner was used to scan the
invalid barcode.
No Label
This error can appear after an operator scans a bag location to print a label. The error indicates one of the following:

  • The scanned bag location is not defined in the current sort profile.
  • The zip code associated with the scanned bag location is not in the currently loaded label list.

Review those files in their respective folders, and load new files if necessary.
No LabList
This error will appear if an operator scans a bag location tag or the "Print All Tags" command while no label list is loaded onto the controller.

Transfer a current label list file to the controller.
No Printer
This error appears if an no printer is found when an operator scans a print command. If the LightSort rack does not include the Print-On-Demand option, this error can be ignored.

Otherwise, this error indicates that the label printer is either off or disconnected from the controller. Check the power switch, power cable connections, and USB connections between the printer and the controller. Try scanning a print command again. There may be a delay for the controller to reestablish communication to the printer, but a reset/power cycle is not required.
No Session
This error will occur when an operator scans an IMpb barcode or a command requiring an active session without being in an active session.

Begin a session and try the action again.
Rack IDs Reset
While not an error, this message is confirmation that all racks connected to the controller have had their rack IDs reset.

Refer to the "Updating a Rack ID Board" article for more information on how to program rack IDs.
Wrong Rack
This error will appear when the operator scans a bag location tag on a rack that is not connected to the same controller as the scanner used to scan that tag.

If the rack scanned should be part of the current session, check the connections between racks.