In addition to creating accounts and their departments through the EII console, new account information can be imported as a .csv file. The imported file must contain all the same fields as the Account Profile Editor, but only three of those fields need to be filled with information to create an entry. To insure the.csv file is formatted correctly, either export the current account profiles and make additions to that file, or download the blank format file attached to this page and fill it out with the additions. 

Note: Do not modify the first row, as the column titles must remain the same.

Mandatory Fields

The three fields that must be addressed to successfully import an account profile are the "Customer Name", Custom Account Number" and "Department Name" fields. 

  • Customer Name: This field represents the highest level categorization of account information. There must be at least two rows for each account name, the first to create the account itself, and each subsequent row with the same account name represents a different department. All account profiles must have at least one department.
  • Department Name: Of the three vital fields, this is the only one that can be left blank in certain rows. When naming a new account, this field should be left blank. All following lines use this field to name new departments.
  • Custom Account Number: This field contains a unique identifying code for the account or department defined in the row. In order to successfully import a .csv file, each row must have a unique alphanumeric value in this field.

Creating an Account Profile .csv file

1. Export the current Account Profile off the console (see the "Exporting Account Profile Data to .CSV" article, or download the "Blank Account Import Format.csv" file attached to this page.

2. Open that file in a spreadsheet program.
3. Enter a value in the "Customer Name" column in a new row. This will become a new account.
4. For each intended department under that account, repeat the same "Customer Name" value in a subsequent row.
5. Enter a unique alphanumeric value in the "Custom Account Number" field.

Note: Generally speaking, EII machines will already use the numbers 1-3 on default account profiles, so avoid using those values.
6. Repeat step 5 in a new row for every intended department.
7. Leave the "Department Name" field blank in the first row
8. Enter a value in each following "Department Name" cell. This will become a new department.
9. Repeat this process for as many accounts and departments as desired
11. Add any other desired account information, such as an associated zip code.
10. Save the file with a relevant file name and location, making sure it is save as a comma delimited file

Importing an Account Profile .csv file

1. Open the EII Console.
2. Choose the "Account Profile Editor" option from the left hand menu.
3. Hit the "Import" button
4. Choose the desired file.

5. Hit "Open".
7. Hit "OK".
8. Hit the "Save Changes" button.