There will be times in which files need to be shared that are too large to be sent in an email.  For such cases, it is recommended that a fileshare account be obtained.  Through this account, files can be placed in a secure folder accessible only to EII and the account holder.  There is no limit to the file size, so the restrictions that have caused issues in the past or that could potentially cause issues in the future will no longer be a factor.  All related files will also be present in the same location, so it will not be necessary to open and download individual files from several emails.  In addition, if network access is not available on EII machines, necessary updates can also be downloaded using this account.

To create an account from which files may be downloaded, navigate to and click "Create Account".  Once the required information is entered, submit the request.  At that time, the account will be configured by EII with the permissions applicable to the company in question.  Once configured, the account will become immediately active and accessible.