The main navigation of the Postal Steward site is done through the upper taskbar. The following section describes the elements of the taskbar and how they aid in the navigation of the website.


Selecting "Home" returns the user to the home page (as described in the "Introduction to Postal Steward™" article). The "Sign In" button in the middle of the page is replaced by the message "Currently Signed In".

Job Activity

Selecting "Job Activity" takes the user to the job activity page (as described in the "Job Activity Page" article), which by default will show all jobs processed through Postal Steward in the last 7 days.


Selecting "Support" takes the user away from the Postal Steward website to the Engineering Innovation, Inc. Support Portal, where the user can read help articles and submit support tickets.


Selecting "Search" opens a drop-down menu, which has links to all search functions that can be used to find specific data entries.
Those search functions are the following:

1. Tracking Number - Search piece records by tracking number or package identification code (PIC).

2. Transaction ID - Search shipping services files by transaction IDs.

3. Reference ID - Search shipping services files by reference IDs.

4. Electronic File Number - Search header records by electronic file number.

5. Container ID - Search container records by container ID.

For more information on the search functions, refer to the "Search Functions" article.

User Drop-down

This section shows both the user's name and their access level, Company User or Company Admin. Selecting the user name will open a drop-down menu. In that menu are the following options:

1. Profile -  Edit user specifics such as email and phone number (see the "User Profiles" article for more information).

2. Sign out - Log out of Postal Steward.

Admin Drop-down

In addition to all previously discussed functions, which are accessible to company users and administrators alike, there are some functions that are limited to company administrators. If the logged in user has Admin access, an additional drop-down menu is available on the
navigation toolbar. Selecting "Admin" opens that drop-down menu, which contains the options to manage users and manage sites. In that menu, there are the following options:

1. Manage Users - View and edit all users assigned to the admin's company (see the "Managing Users" article for more information).

2. Manage Sites - View and edit all sites assigned to the admin's company (see the "Managing Sites" article for more information).