The "Site List" page displays all physical sites that the logged in user's company operates. The table displays identifying information and the
status of those sites. It also presents the option to edit company site details.

  1. Show _ Entries - This drop-down menu changes the number of results shown on a single page.
  2. Filter - The site results can be narrowed by entering identifying information in the filter bar, which will limit results by sites that contain
    the filtered value in at least one field.
  3. ID - This column displays the identification number of the site, unique among all sites that belong to this customer.
  4. Site Name - This column displays the name of the site.
  5. Company ID - This column displays the unique number assigned to the company that owns the site.
  6. Company Name - This column displays the name of the company that owns the site.
  7. Admin Site - This column indicates whether or not the site is designated an Admin site. 
  8. Enabled - This column displays the eVS status of the site. If the site has eVS processing currently enabled, there will be a check mark. If eVS processing is disabled, there will be an X.
  9. Edit - Clicking this icon opens the "Edit Site for Customer Support" page. This page has two segments, "Site Info" and "Assign Users".
  • Site Info - This form shows the identifying information on the individual site. None of the information here will be editable.
  • Assign User - This form allows the company admin to assign unassigned company users to the chosen site, or unassign users currently assigned to the chosen site. The single arrow (> and <) buttons move a single, selected user from one category to the other, while the double arrow (>> and <<) move all users from one category to the other.