Warning: This is an ESD sensitive process. A grounding strap MUST be worn for this process, due to the handling of circuitry. For more information, click here

Changes have been made to the recent version of the Safety 200 board that can cause confusion when installing the updated board on an EZ-Parcels machine.  The procedure that must be followed is detailed below.

Removal of the Obsolete Safety 200 Board

Turn off the Safety and Controls
  • These are found behind the tower
Disconnect all cables from the board
Remove the plastic pressure rivets from the top
  • There are 6 rivets
  • Set them aside, as they will be used to secure the new board

Remove the board from the machine

Installation of the New Safety 200 Board

Place the new board in the same location on the tower and align the holes
Secure the board with the pressure rivets
Cables must be reconnected in their corresponding locations, as seen below







Names of the cables that must be connected can be found in the table to the right
There are some differences that should be noted between the old (1004208-01 through 1004208-03) and new (1004208-04) versions of the board:
  • The Start/Stop Switch or Pre-Feed Loopback (Front/Old board, Number 6) will not be needed on the new board and may be discarded
  • The Timer Relay (Back/Old board, Number 16) will no longer be used and will either remain disconnected or be removed
  • The Safety 200 board will come with the Estop Loopback (Front/New board, Number 7) already placed in Estop 2
    • It will replace the loopback that was previously used in the Start/Stop Switch location (Front/Old board, Number 6), but will only be used if the machine is not equipped with a Pre-Feed
    • If a Pre-Feed is present, the Estop Loopback will need to be removed from the board
      • The Interlock Defeat (Front/New board, Number 12) is used to bypass the other Interlock loopbacks (located in the locations of numbers 9-12 of the Front/New board) and will only be used on the bottom of the board, though not on every machine
  • If a Pre-Feed is present, an adapter will be plugged into Estop 2 (Front/New board, Number 8)
    • The four-pronged end of the adapter will plug into a cable leating to the Pre-Feed