The following steps must be followed to isolate the tracking number within the manifest export.

Select the column to the right of the column that must be changed
Under the Home tab, select Insert
Select the second cell in the new column
  • The first cell will not be utilized because it is reserved for the heading and contains no vital information
A formula will be inserted into the cell using the following format:
  • =RIGHT(CE2, 22)
    • RIGHT references the direction from which the formula will gather information
    • CE2 is the cell from which the information will be extracted, as shown in the previous figure
    • 22 reflects the number of digits that must be extracted

The value will be determined by "counting" the designated number of digits from the direction specified
  • For example, the formula for the example shown in the previous figure can be found by determining that the value can be found by moving from the RIGHT in cell CE2 until 22 digits have been acquired

Press Enter
The specified information will appear in the cell
Select the cell into which the formula was entered
Hover over the bottom right corner of the cell until a black cross appears
Left-click in the corner and drag the box to the bottom of the column
Release the mouse button
The formula will execute in the appropriate manner for the remaining cells in the original column
  • The specified information will appear in the new column

Transferring Numbers to Separate Location

If the information will be copied elsewhere, it must be pasted in a specific manner

Select the information that will be copied

Copy the information in the normal manner
  • Press Ctrl+C
  • Right-click and select Copy
  • Select Copy from the toolbar

Select the location to which the information will be copied

Right-click and hover over the paste options
  • Select Value to maintain the selection
    • If pasted in the normal manner, it will merely list a reference to the original location