Eii maintains a server with up to date versions of software for customer use. It's main purpose is to provide access to files too large to be sent by email. Any customer can request a File Server account and this walk-through documents how to go about making that request.

Creating a File Server Account

1. Open a Web browser of your choice.
2. Navigate to
3. Select the "Create Account" option.
4. Enter the email address you want associated with this account in the "Email Address" field.
5. Enter the characters displayed in the multicolored box in the "Characters From Image" box.
6. Hit the "Next" button.
6. Check your email for the verification code email.
7. Either enter the code in the prompted field on the file server website,
or select the verification link in the email.
7. Once you return to the file server website, fill in the "Complete Registration" page with your identifying information.
8. Hit the "Submit" button to your account to Eii for review.

Once you account has been submitted an Eii technician will review your account and customize the files it can see based off of your site's needs.

You'll be taken to the log in screen, which will only allow login to happen once the account is approved.
Once the tech has verified the account, you will receive another email stating your account was approved. Your account is then complete and ready to be used.