Ink Cartridge Removal

  • Remove and replace the ink cartridge frequently
    • Depending on use, you may have to clean the cartridge multiple times each day
  • Remove the ink cartridges by pulling the cartridge clasp away from the cartridge and lowering it until it is oriented horizontally
  • Gently pull out the ink cartridge

Cleaning the Ink Cartridge

  • Clean the cartridge by gently wiping it across a dry, lint-free wipe
    • The ink should appear on the wipe as two straight, well-defined lines
      • If the lines are blurred, the cartridge is dirty

Priming the Nozzle

  • Moisten a lint-free wipe with de-ionized water
  • Wipe cartridge until two good lines of ink are observed on the wipe
  • Connect syringe into clip
  • Insert cartridge into clip, facing upside-down as shown
  • Draw 2-4 mL of ink into syringe
  • Unclip cartridge while applying pressure to top of syringe
  • Wipe excess ink from face of cartridge

Replacing the Ink Cartridge

  • Set the cartridge back on the printer assembly cartridge holder with the ink side facing downward
    • The cartridge will appear to be on its side, as the print surface will be facing outward, toward the belts
  • Press the cartridge into the printer assembly cartridge holder
  • Raise the cartridge clasp until it clicks into place and holds the ink cartridge firmly

    Note:  Ink cartridges have a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture.