Postage for mail pieces is determined by the USPS API and not stored for future use, so these values can only be entered by the system in the Postage field of the Firmbook in the upon generation of labels.  Since there is currently no outlet for this information in the website, the labels must be generated as a batch mailing within the Windows Application if it is necessary to have postage rates populated by the system.  To utilize this function, the following steps must be performed:

  1. Open ConfirmDelivery for Windows
  2. Follow the instructions outlined in the Importing an Address List section of Importing and Processing of an Address List to designate the columns that will be used when processing the address list
  3. Once Importing an Address List has been completed, the instructions detailed in Processing an Address List within the same article will be used to generate labels, though the following deviations must be made:
    • Weight of the pieces must be populated in the Package Information section in the second step
    • Yes must be selected in step 10
      • The Postage cannot be entered by the system post-generation, so the Firmbook must be created at this time if the Postage field is to be auto-populated