EII software has the ability to search for specific barcode types and characters using Regular Expressions, commonly used to read barcodes on mail pieces for mail processing. In order to turn on this functionality, the account profile must be setup to look for a specific barcode. Often, mail pieces require a specific type of barcode outside of the standard postal barcodes in order to be processed. In that case, it is useful to use the EII software to reject mail pieces that do not have this barcode. Setting up barcode requirements takes place in the Console's Account Profile Editor.


1. Open the EII Console application.
2. Select the Account Profile Editor in the Console.
3. Select the desired customer from the Account list.
4. Select the "Barcodes" tab on the right hand side.
5. In the "Barcode Name" section, give the required barcode a unique name.

Note: the barcode name can not be 'EMPTY SLOT'. 
5. Choose the "Barcode Type" from the drop down menu.
6. Type a Regular Expression into the "Barcode Pattern" text box that defines the desired search pattern.
  • The regular expression to search for a barcode of any character length is "^.*$".
  • The regular expression to search for a barcode of a specific character length is "^.{X}$", where the "X" is replaced by the number of characters.  
7. Optionally, select "Require this barcode".
  • Selecting this box will make any mail piece run under this account reject if the barcode is not read 
8. Select the "Save Changes"  button before leaving the Console.
9. If the EII Helm was open at any time during this process, restart the application.