Once you have an active file server account (for more information refer to the "Creating an EII File Server Account" article), you will be able to log in to access software update files to manually update your machines.

Accessing the File Server

1. Open a Web browser of your choice.

2. Navigate to
3. Enter your account name and password.
Once logged in, you are taken to the "Home" Directory. From here you can navigate to the desired software update to download it. The types of files available on the file server are typically:
  • USPS Outgoing Directories
  • USPS Labeling List updates
  • Eii's USPS Outgoing patch updates


The steps to install a file depends on the  file type.

NOTE: Files on the File Server have a tendency to be large and may take some time to download depending on your internet connection


You will receive an email for any update in the folders your account is subscribed to.  If you would like more advance notice of updates, please subscribe to Engineering Innovation's email notification system at

Selecting the "Subscribe to Updates" button opens a dialogue box to enter the email you wish to use to receive notifications.