When processing mail that requires the use of PC Postage for payment, the current date is automatically printed on the label.   If mailings are started for a future date, this change must be specified in the configuration file for the Champ or Helm.  To make these changes, navigate to C:\Data\App Configurations\Helm and select the file titled JobProfile.cfg.  Once the file is opened, the following must be added to the bottom of the document:


Date Advance In Days=0

The number will change depending on the date that must appear on the mailing.  For example, if the following day's date must be applied to the mail piece, the last line of the text will read Date Advance in Days=1, reflecting one day's advancement.  When the mailing is complete, or when midnight is reached (automatically applying the next day's date to the pieces), the file will again be changed to read Date Advance in Days=0, reflecting no date advancement.