USPS requires that PAF (Processing Acknowledgement Form) Service Log reports be generated at the beginning of every month, along with CSL reports and BALA reports.  These reports must be sent to USPS by the 7th day of each month.

UMove v3.9.2 has implemented codes that check and validate PAF IDs to ensure compliance with USPS requirements.

PAF Editor Navigation

When the PAF Editor is opened, all customer accounts for whom PAF IDs have been created will be listed on the left side of the window.  The right half of the screen will show each field that may be modified for the selected account.

Create an New User

The monthly CSL, PAF, & BALA report generation requires that the PAF database file (UMovePAF.txt) be created using UMove PAF Editor and then imported to UMove.

To create a new user entry, select the "Create Blank Record" icon in the top right corner of the Siemens PAF Editor window.

Define and enter the User ID for the customer

Contact information for the account will be entered in the List Owner section

PAF information will be defined in the NCOA Licensee section in the bottom right corner of the page.

  • PAF ID- the 18 character PAF ID assigned to a mailer/customer
    • Note:  The last 6 characters of the PAF ID are the same as the first 6 characters of the User ID for the same mailer/customer
  • Date Signed - date the NCOA licensee signed the PAF
  • Platform/License ID, NAICS Code, Frequency, Mailer/Customer ID - this data will auto-populate once the PAF ID is entered

CSL, PAF, & BALA Reports

UMove auto-generates CSL, PAF, & BALA reports by the end of each month.  If using the Cloud solution, these reports are automatically submitted to Siemens.  However, the reports must be submitted to Siemens manually if processing through the UMove box.


If the PAF ID is not defined, not valid, or not matched, this could prevent UMove to generate the CSL reports.  Furthermore, the PAF & BALA reports could contain invalid data.  This could result in failed USPS audits.


Update and verify the PAF ID data for each customer as soon as possible, both via the UMove PAF Editor and via the Ensemble, then import the updated PAF database file (UMovePAF.txt) to UMove.  With this approach, UMove will generate the required CSL, PAF, & BALA reports that comply with USPS requirements.