When setting up a new or reset Cognex dimensioner for an EZ-Desk SPA machine, the dimensioner needs to be set to a specific IP address. This article covers locatting the IP settings and adjusting them if necessary.


1. Using the PC on the machine, open a web browser (such as Google Chrome)

2. Verify the the IP address has not already been changed by navigating to the address
If the Congnex window (shown in the image on the right) appears, nothing more needs to be done.

If no web page loads, proceed with the rest of the instructions.
3. Navigate to default IP address for the dimensioner,
Note: If this IP address also does not connect, please contact Eii Customer Support for further assistance.
4. Click on the gear icon.
5. Click "Change Device Network Settings..."
6. Enter in the "IP address" box
7. Click "Apply changes".