NCOALink® Service Providers licensees are required by their license agreement with USPS® to acquire a Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF) for each of their customers PER MACHINE.  The service provider licensee must acquire this form from each customer before they can perform NCOALink processing.  This form must be completed and signed by the mail list owner, the NCOALink licensee and, when applicable, any third parties that are part of the transaction between the list owner and the licensee.  

This article discusses how to assign the PAF ID from these forms to the required sections of the Eii Console.

Adding PAF ID to the Machine Profile Editor

Before processing Move Update pieces, the Platform ID must be entered for each machine that will be utilizing the UMove software:

  • The Platform ID can be found on the PAF Form. It is composed of the first four characters of the PAF ID, and the fourth character MAY contain a space
  • UMove CANNOT be used on Champs.  Platform IDs will ONLY be assigned for EZ-Flats machines.

1. Open the EII Console.
2. Navigate to the Machine Profile Editor.
3. Select the machine for which the Platform ID was generated.
4. Enter or verify the ID in the Move Update Platform ID field.
5. Once all IDs are entered or verified, select “Save Changes” in the bottom right corner of the Console.
Note: If the software detects that the Platform ID is already assigned to a different machine, it will not allow the changes to be saved.

Adding PAF ID to the Account Profile Editor

The PAF ID designated on the PAF Form must be entered into the Account Profile Editor.  The ID will only need to be added for accounts for whom mail is processed using UMove.

1. Navigate to the Account Profile Editor.
2. Select the “USPS” tab.
3. Right-click anywhere inside the “PAF IDs” box under the “Move Update Information” heading and select “Add PAF ID”.
A new, unpopulated row will be added to the list.

An exclamation mark will be present at the end of the row to notify the operator that the PAF ID value must be set.

4. Enter the PAF ID that is designated in the PAF Form.

Because each machine has its own Platform ID, multiple PAF IDs may be added for an account within the Account Profile Editor.

For example, rather than creating one ACME account for machine 0001 and a separate ACME account for machine 0002, the PAF IDs that were generated for each machine may both be entered into the same ACME account.
There is no limit to the number of PAF IDs that may be added to an account.

As soon as the PAF ID is added to the account, it will automatically be inherited by the department.

Once PAF IDs have been entered for all accounts for whom mail is processed through UMove, select “Save Changes” in the bottom right corner of the Console.
Note: If the PAF ID that was entered is not EXACTLY 18 characters long, the Console will not allow changes to be saved.

Adding PAF ID with the Import/Export Function

It is also possible to utilize the import/export feature to enter the PAF IDs to the accounts.  If this is the preferred method and multiple PAF IDs are entered for a single account, these IDs must be separated using a forward slash ( / ).