1.  Navigate to the "Directories" folder of the files, either by following the file tree on the left hand page, or double-clicking on the "Files" icon and navigating the subsequent pages.

From the home page, find and open the "Directories" folder, then select the OCR suite you wish to update.
2.  Select the OCR suite you wish to update.
3.  Click to download the most recent ".exe" file in the folder.

Note: If you are downloading the file away from an Eii machine, you will need to copy the OCR Directory executable to a flash drive and place it on the desktop of the Eii machine before proceeding.
4.  Click on the directory .exe file you downloaded from the "Downloads" folder.
5.  Select "Next >" to begin the installation.
6.  Select the "Install" button.

7. Once the installation is completed, click "Finish".

Note: If you have multiple Eii machines, you will need to run the directory .exe file on all Eii equipment.