Note:  Please do not install EII software patches without contacting EII Customer Support ahead of time. 

All programs must be closed before installing this update

1.  Navigate to the "Installers" folder of the files, either by following the file tree on the left hand page or double-clicking on the "Files" icon and navigating the subsequent pages.
2.  Select the "USPS Outgoing" folder, which will contain the latest patches available to you.  The version number is listed at the end of the name.
3.  Click on the highest verson number ".zip" file to download it.

If you are downloading the file away from an EII machine, you will need to copy the "USPS Outgoing System" file to a flash drive and place it on the desktop of the EII machine before proceeding.
4.  Extract the .zip file by right clicking and selecting "Extract All...".
5.  Once the folder is unzipped, click the folder to open it.

6. Click the EII USPS Installer.exe file to open the update installer

The following windows should be pre-populated.  Once selected, these steps should not need to be repeated.  If there is any uncertainty regarding the accuracy of the selections, contact EII Support immediately.

7.  Select the machine type from the drop-down menu.
  • Click Next
8.  Verify the serial number of the machine.
  • Click Next
9.  If the patch has not been installed on any machines at the site, select Update the server
  • This selection will update the database, lengthening the run time of the installation
  • This selection will only need to be made from one machine at the site
  • Once the box has been checked/unchecked, click Next
10.  Once the selections have been verified, click Install
  • If it is found that any selections are incorrect, select Back and make all necessary corrections
11.  Once the update is complete, select Yes, restart the computer now and click the Finish button to complete the installation