There are two features that help control the tamp head, the sensor that detects how close to the mail piece the tamp head is, and the air supply which affixes the label to the print head. Both of those elements have long cords that can experience wear and tear if improperly protected. The following instructions walk you through how to connect the sensor cable to the air supply tube with spiral wrap to protect both. 

For this step you will be using a 19" piece of spiral wrap. 

1. There is a white plastic loop on the left hand side of the tamp head. This is where the sensor cable will sit.

2. Install the sensor cable in the loop, and press it down all the way.

3. Install air supply tube on the front of the tamp head by pressing the end of the tube into the grey connector until you feel it pop.

4. When the air supply tube has been properly installed, you will not be able to pull out the tube without releasing the connector.

5. Bring the sensor cable and air supply tube together and begin securing them with spiral wrap.
  • Start the wrap about 1.5 inches away from tamp head.
  • Make sure to leave some slack in the sensor cable. There should be approximately 3.25 inches of sensor cable between the sensor and the beginning of the spiral wrap. 
  • Lay the sensor cable on top of the air supply tube.

6. Use the right hand to twist the spiral wrap clockwise to open it up, allowing you to more easily wrap the two together without twisting the cable around the tube.

Note: The sensor cable should always remain on top of the air supply tube. 

7. Finish winding the full 19" length of the spiral wrap around the sensor cable and air supply tube

8. The spiral wrap must extend into the control box a few inches.

9. Secure the spiral wrapped cords in the plastic loop on the bottom of the control box.

The installation is now complete.