If you created a mailing label in error, you have the option to delete the mail piece and credit the transaction/click back to the account. 

Pieces can only be deleted by users if:

  • The mail piece is less than 3 days old
  • The mail piece does not have any USPS scans against it
  • The total amount of pieces you are trying to delete at one time is less than 100

Once logged into the ConfirmDelivery website, hover over EZ Address and then choose 'Remove Mail Pieces' from the menu.

In the Tracking Numbers text box, type or paste in the tracking number(s). 

Click on the Clean button first to have the system remove any whitespace or non-acceptable characters. Then click the Submit button.

The system will advise you that it is processing the request:

It will then provide a confirmation that the Mail Piece(s) have been removed and the account credited.

If you are attempting to delete mail pieces over 3 days old, or have a large batch mailing over 100 pieces that you are trying to delete, please provide as much detail as possible (tracking numbers or time pieces were created) and email the details to support@eii-online.com for further assistance.