The printhead of a print engine is responsible for heating the thermal labels to produce text. Should you need to remove the printhead of the SATO S84-EX print engine, and then return it or install a new printhead, this guide walks you through the steps.

Note: These are the instructions for removing the printhead of a SATO S84-EX print engine, found on the Engineering Innovation label applicator for the EZ-Flats Premium. It should be noted that some models of the Premium still use a SATO Lt408 print engine. While the method for removing and replacing the Lt408 printhead is similar, this guide should not be assumed to work for that print engine.

Accessing the Print Engine

1. When standing in front of the EZ Flats Premium machine, the print engine containing the part to be removed hangs on the right hand side of the assembly.

Note: For easier access to the print engine itself, you may want to bleed the air pressure from the machine to drop the tamp pad and remove the mail tubs from their stacker slots.
2. Return to the front of the machine and raise the metal cover of the print engine.

3. You will hear three beeps. Raise it until you hear an additional click, indicating the cover is locked and will remain in place.

Removing a S84-EX Printhead

1. Release the blue lever shown in Figure 3, raising the printheeid. The lever will beep three times.

2. Locate the small blue tab shown in Figure 4, and pull, releasing the printhead from the printer.

3. There are two wires that now need to be disconnected, both attached by rectangular plastic connectors. Begin with the white connector on the right.

4. This connector has a small tab on top. Gently push down on the backside of that tab and pull the entire connector away from the printhead.

5. Next remove the black connector on the left. This one does not have a tab, and can simply be pulled away from the printhead.

At this point, the printhead is fully removed and can be replaced.

Replacing a S84-EX Printhead

1. To install a new printhead, first attach the wires from within the printer. The green stripe on the printhead should be facing down and oriented towards the front of the machine.

2. Start with the black connector on the left. Connect that bundles of wires to the back left of the print head.

3. Next attach the white connector to the back right of the printhead. Making sure the tab snaps over the top of the join.

4. Line up the three metal prongs with their sockets, and make sure the wires are going straight back into the print engine with no twisting.

5. Pull the blue tab and press the printhead upwards. When you hear a click, release the blue tab. If the printhead remains in place, it has been reattached. If it falls down, realign it and repeat this step.

6. Rotate the blue lever clockwise until the hook catches at the bottom. When it is properly locked you will hear three beeps.
7. Close the metal cover.

The machine is now ready to be put back in use.