These instructions will allow the printer to automatically calibrate the Gap/Media sensor. All steps are completed on the operator panel, described below.  


1. Press the “LINE” button until “OFFLINE” is displayed.
2. Press the “ENTER” button to display the following “ONLINE MODE” screen.
3. Use the arrow buttons to toggle to “SERVICE MODE” as shown and then press the “ENTER” button.
4. Select "Sensor Level".
5. Select "Auto"
6. Select "I-MARK".
Follow the instructions displayed to complete the calibration. Here are some tips:
  • Open the gap/media sensor by pulling up on the media sensor where it says "PULL".

  • Ensure that the label strip is aligned on side of the main printer unit.  The edge of the label strip should be touching the side of the track nearest the main printer unit.

    The I-Mark sensor (circled in red) is located on this side of the feed area and the label must cover the sensor for proper calibration.
  • Position the label strip such that the entire media sensor unit is covered with a single, intact label. Close the media sensor to hold the liner in place during calibration. You should be ready to hit "ENTER" on the SATO Operator Panel.
  • Note: If calibration fails, clean the media sensor and repeat the above steps.

7. Once you have exited calibration, press the CANCEL button to return to the main menu.

8. Repeat steps 3-7 to calibrate the GAP sensor, selecting GAP instead of I-MARK when the option is available: 
10. Once you have exited calibration, press the CANCEL button to return to the main menu.
11. Select ONLINE MODE and then press ENTER. 

12. Press the "LINE" button until "ONLINE" is displayed.

13. Press the "FEED" button to feed a label from the printer.

14. Press "FEED" again to feed a second label and repeat process until until a label fails to feed out or until the empty portion of the label liner from the Gap sensor calibration is fed through.