On every EZ-Flats Premium scale, there should be a glass plate designed to protect the reflective tape. Though we currently deliver our scale tops with the glass plate already installed, it may occasionally be necessary for you to add a plate to an older machine, or remove a damaged glass plate and install a new one. The following instructions walk you through the process.

Removing the Glass Plate

1. Remove the entire scale cover from the machine and take to a separate work space.

2. Pick a corner and steadily apply heat to the area where the adhesive is located.
  •     A hair dryer is recommended for this step, as a more powerful heat source could melt the plastic scale top. 

3. Insert a wide, flat tool such as a putty knife in the space between the glass plate and the plastic scale top as close the adhesive as possible.

5.Gently pry the plate away from the scale top apart just enough to slide a piece of paper between the two.

4. When the adhesive breaks loose, slide the piece of paper under it to prevent the two pieces from re-adhering to each other.

5. Repeat steps 2-4 on the remaining corners to fully remove the glass top.

Preparing a Glass Plate

There are two main reasons to change out a glass plate:
  • the glass became damaged
  • the reflective tape became damaged

If the glass is damaged, you must purchase a new plate, which will come with the reflective tape and adhesive already applied.
Hoerver, if the tape is damaged, you may either purchase a new plate, or reuse your old plate by cleaning it and applying new tape and adhesive. If you wish to reuse a plate, follow the diagram below to prepare the plate being reused.  

Replacing the Glass Plate

1. Use isopropyl alcohol to clean the plastic scale top, making sure to focus on the corners where the adhesive used to be.

2. Test the fit of your new glass plate by setting it on the scale top before exposing the adhesive. The edges of the glass should be set slightly inward from the scale top on all sides.

3. Remove the red backing on all four of the new adhesive pads on the new glass plate.

4. Align the glass plate with the scale top carefully, making sure the etched line is on the left hand side of the scale.

5. Press down on the four corners of the plate to adhere it to the scale top.

6. Replace the scale top to the EZ-Flats Premium scale

7. Zero the scale by hitting the  ->0<- button. The scale should read "0.000."

The scale is now ready to be returned to use.