When you receive your EZ-Flats machine from EII, the "kickstand" anti-tip support will have been raised off the ground to avoid being damaged during transportation. After setting up your EZ-Flats machine, you will want to lower this support. The following steps illustrate how to do so.

Note: This step is intended to be taken after all other installation has been completed. Make sure the EZ-Flats machine has been leveled ahead of time. 

1. The anti-tip support is the triangular frame on the back of the EZ-Flats that will arrived raised off the ground.

2. Using a 5mm hex wrench, loosen the three connectors on the left side of the frame. There is no need to fully remove the bolts, turning them one full rotation will loosen them enough.
  •     There is one connector at the top of the support.  
  • And two on the bottom of the support.

3. Lower the support in it's track until the foot gently touches the ground.

4. Re-tighten the connectors one full rotation.

The anti-tip support is now set up.