The purpose of this document is to describe how use an Answer File to generate an Optimized Sort Plan for a Flats Job on the EZ-Flats Premium or Essential.

Note: This system does not work for Parcels Jobs yet, though that functionality is coming.


1. Open the EZ Console by double clicking on the "EZ Console" icon.

2. Right click “Sort Profile Editor”, and select "Add Sort Profile."

3. Select “Create Optimized Profile” and hit “Next. ”

4. Select the desired Sort Profile from the list, and hit “Next.”

5. Hit "Browse."

6. Open the desired Answer File.

Note: The file must be a .csv file, and must have at least three columns including weight, Routing String, and Routing Category

7. The “Answer File” text line will populate with the correct file name. This window will also allow you to edit any Profile Details, such as ‘Profile Name’, Sort Level, Mail Preparation, and Mail Type. When you've made any changes you want, hit "Next."

8. This will open a new Sort Profile window, noting the General Outline of the Profile. Select the "Sortation" tab.

9. Review the sortation layouts in this section.

  • The boxes at the top (labeled as H1, D1, and D2 at the top of the example picture) designate different territories. Selecting one territory opens all tubs in that territory, which are color coded by sort level.  

10. If you are satisfied with the sort plan, select “Save Changes” in the lower, right corner of the window